Dr. Yunus and his lobbyists searching for a New Strategy to spread Propaganda against Bangladesh


Published on March 16, 2023
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Hiren Pandit:

Did the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus again use a new strategy to spread propaganda against the Bangladesh government? Victims of unfair behavior of the current government, it has been alleged. But, the ad did not mention any specific information about the type of abuse or assault Dr. Yunus was subjected to. It does not provide details about the humanitarian activities that Dr. Yunus has carried out around the world or the activities that have been carried out in the country, where it has been affected or where it has been stopped.

Dr. Yunus has been going to hundreds of places outside the country, we have not been told by the media that he has been stopped at the airport or denied entry. The people of the country do not know how and where the activities have been obstructed. It would be better to tell. What has the government done to Dr. Yunus in such a way that an open letter would have to be printed with millions of dollars of advertising again? When a news item is to be disseminated in the form of an advertisement, it should not be difficult for anyone to understand that the information disseminated is fabricated and motivated. He was not treated by the Government in such a way as to warrant such a statement. But Dr. Yunus, the common people of this country are well aware of what kind of activities is involved in Bangladesh.

Allegations of corruption against Dr. Yunus are not new. An era ago on Norwegian state television. A documentary was aired against Dr. Yunus about the siphoning of crores of taka by Grameen Bank. Currently, Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating Dr. Yunus's Gramin Telecom corruption. The organization has been accused of misappropriating workers' money, embezzling 455.52 lakh 13 thousand taka without distributing the welfare fund and transferring 2 thousand 977 crore taka to affiliated institutions through money laundering. The MD of Grameen Telecom is currently under investigation regarding the allegations.

Apart from this, during the 1/11 army-backed government, he wanted to come to power minus the leaders of the two major parties, he wanted to be the crown of power. Everyone just wants to go to power. At that time, he also announced a party called Grameen Party. Padma Bridge came back behind the cancellation of funding, the name of Dr. Yunus.

The Grameen Telecom corruption probe is on. In this situation, in October last year, the western lobbyists started to make Dr. Yunus a hero. The role of our national son-in-law David Bergman, a controversial journalist who took a stand against the war crimes trial in Bangladesh, is far ahead in these matters. The anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh has come up against Dr. Yunus. If there is a complaint against someone, it is the job of the Anti-Corruption Commission to do it.

The British newspaper 'The Economist' published the news by making a hero again. There is an attempt to say that Bangladesh has increased oppression against Nobel winner Dr. Yunus. Some advanced news also came out about the ACC and the ban on emigration. The people of our country are just fooled by all the breaking news. That means what the people of our country will assume 40 this statement of this prominent citizen is also a part of continuous propaganda.

The programs undertaken by the government to alleviate poverty in Bangladesh are welfare-oriented and do not have the invisible hand of profit behind them, which is the case with lending institutions such as Grameen Bank. Due to the various programs taken by the government, the poverty of Bangladesh is now on its way to the museum. Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina's political commitment is to eradicate poverty from the country. The government is doing so.

40 world leaders from politics, diplomacy, business, arts and education gave an open letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on March 7 expressing deep concern about Dr. Yunus,. The letter was also published as a full-page ad in the influential Washington Post. That is, the letter is so important that it is not newsworthy, but millions of dollars have been spent in this global crisis market, with lobbyists to prepare and publish the statement.

Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Ireland's former president Mary Robinson, late US Senator Edward Kennedy's son Ted Kennedy Jr., former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former vice president of the country Al Gore are among these world leaders. They have expressed deep concern about Dr. Yunus' well-being, and whether he will be able to continue the contribution he is making to human development all over the world including Bangladesh. They want to confirm and remind again Bangladesh Dr. Muhammad Yunus' contribution, especially to the poorest and most vulnerable people, is globally recognized and respected.

Addressing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, they wrote that 'as a friend of Bangladesh, they appreciate the courage and innovative skills of the people of this country. Like billions of people around the world, they are also inspired by innovations in Bangladesh and adopted around the world. ''There is enough reason for us to be the contentment. When 40 world leaders in politics, diplomacy, business, art and education say, 'Like billions of people in the world, they are also inspired by the innovations in Bangladesh and accepted all over the world.' But we don't know why the people of Bangladesh are naturally a little afraid of the vermilion cloud. Because the history of foreigners' 'turning their noses' in the politics of Bangladesh is old. It seems that there is still some of that nature. Because coal does not wash dirt. The history of 1/11 is still etched in everyone's mind.

When 40 world leaders from politics, diplomacy, business, arts and education fields try to attract the attention of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh with advertisements, it must be considered that the matter is essential. If you read the entire letter again, such doubts will expand and deepen. According to 40 world leaders, 'one of the most important roles of government is to create an environment in which innovation and social entrepreneurship can flourish.' Bangladesh will return to its role as a model.''

It would be better to think a little about whether this open letter of 40 world leaders to the Prime Minister is a stage of unwanted interference in the internal affairs of Bangladesh. Whatever he/she is. Because there is no outline of the transition from the current crisis in Bangladesh in this letter. The whole world is facing a harsh reality today due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Commodity prices in Bangladesh are on the rise. The dollar cost of reserves is rising. Understandably, the Rohingya crisis is pressing in Bangladesh. The war in Ukraine is diverting the world's attention from the Rohingya crisis. Myanmar is not positive about repatriating its citizens. Although Myanmar has not responded positively, Bangladesh wants the Rohingyas to return to their country. There is no alternative to the cooperation of the international community in this regard.

But there is no mention in this open letter of these 40 successful world leaders in politics, diplomacy, business, arts and education. So how can we believe that they are friends of Bangladesh? They praise the courage and innovative skills of the people of Bangladesh if it is believable! Or on the contrary, suspicion only increases. What is the unelected government? Will our holy constitution go into exile again? This dilemma again. Or the future government will be chosen through elections.

Well, doesn't anyone have a doubt that this ad published in the name of 40 world leaders is completely fake? Perhaps a lobbyist firm arranged for this notice to be published. These 40 world leaders are institutions themselves. If they wanted, they could directly call the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. They could also write direct letters. Why do they go to publish the letter with a notification?

Dr. Muhammad Yunus, who was once admired at home and abroad for his efforts to eradicate poverty, is controversial in Bangladesh due to allegations of influencing the World Bank to cancel funding for the Padma Bridge, tax evasion, illegal transfer of donor funds, abuse of power and violation of foreign travel rules. Many feel that the role significantly diminished his reputation.

An’s allegation has surfaced against Dr. Yunus that he illegally settled 110 cases filed against him by Grameen Telecom Union workers and employees for crores of taka. He was also in controversy in 2015 when he was summoned by the Bangladesh Revenue Authority for non-payment of taxes equivalent to over US$1.51 million.

This news, these statements do not attract the attention of world-renowned individuals. Because Dr. Yunus is well known internationally and high-profile people of the world are his friends or beneficiaries. In March 2011, Dr. Yunus was asked to resign as CEO of Grameen Bank in violation of the country's retirement law, which states that the retirement age is 60. Dr. Yunus was 70 years old. The country's largest structure Padma Bridge project behind the move of the World Bank. It was also alleged that DR. Yunus had a hand. Later, after the alleged corruption charges were dismissed by a Canadian court in 2017, everyone in Bangladesh considered it a conspiracy.
Many people dedicated to the service of humanity are the most tortured people in the world to protect the Rohingyas. Many feel that Dr. Yunus has shown little interest in Dr. Yunus as a responsible citizen. Dr. Yunus must understand the situation and refrain from any controversy against the laws of Bangladesh. Doubt about benefits should not go against the beloved motherland and the people of the country. This is the duty of every conscious citizen of ours. Only then will the people of our country be well, and our motherland can be placed in the seat of honor and glory in the international world.

Writer: Columnist and a researcher