Padma Bridge - A Symbol of Pride and Dignity of Bangladesh l An Engineering Masterpiece


Published on 25th June 2022 15:21

This bridge has connected around one-third of Bangladesh's land area, entangled with rivers, to the capital. Consequently, it will catalyze the local and international trades of Bangladesh. In addition to transforming the economic footing of around 50 million people of the South-west part of the country, it will also ensure a rise in the national income by at least 1.5%, a paradigm shift for the entire Bangladesh. The future of Bangladesh hinges much on this bridge.

Padma Bridge is not just an engineering masterpiece but a symbol of pride and dignity of Bangladesh as well. All the people of this country equally share this glory.

"Padma Bridge with my money, Padma Bridge for Bangladesh"
Joy Bangla, Joy Bangabandhu.