BNP men seek relief from its failed leadership


Published on April 11, 2022
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Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today said the BNP leaders and activists now want to get rid of their top failed leadership.

“BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is trying to make the country’s people scared by talking about bad times. In fact, there is no bad times in the country, bad times are prevailing in the BNP politics,” he said in a statement.

Quader, also the Road Transport and Bridges Minister, said: “Their (BNP) leaders and workers are now frustrated. They are doubtful about the leadership of their top levels. BNP men are now pathless. They want relief from the top ranking failed leadership”.

As the people want to forget the BNP’s misrules, they have chosen the Awami League time and again he said, adding that like the past, the country’s people will elect the AL again and realising that, the BNP is now suffering from misery.

Replying to an allegation of Fakhrul, the AL General Secretary said it has been realised from the recent statements of the BNP secretary general that the BNP is yet to be come out of the politics of Pakistani ideology, while the BNP leaders are still believe in the Pakistani ideology.  

He said even after 50 years of the country’s independence, the BNP leaders do not believe in the independence of Bangladesh and do not have the spirit of Liberation War.

The BNP must understand that Bangladesh has achieved its independence by defeating Pakistan, Quader said, adding “Today, Bangladesh has surpassed Pakistan in all socioeconomic indicators.”

He said BNP founder Ziaur Rahman sowed the seeds of the poison of the Pakistani ideology in the country by destroying democracy through killing-cue-conspiracy and seized the state power illegally and unconstitutionally.

The history of BNP is the history of violating the spirit of Liberation War, destroying democracy, plundering money and establishing the reign of corruption by seizing state power through conspiracy, the AL general secretary said.

He said the task of BNP is to stigmatize the nation through conspiracy being involved in ill-efforts.

The BNP leaders should make it clear to the people what they really want in the name of elections, Quader said, adding “If they truly believe in elections as a way of power changeover in a democratic way, they must apologies to the nation for their past works. Then it would be a good sign for the Bangladesh’s democracy”.

He said the BNP leaders are repeatedly saying that fair elections could not be held without a caretaker government. But, he said, the caretaker government is now a solved issue as per the verdict of the Supreme Court and that is why there is no scope to reinstate it.

The AL General Secretary said the elections would be free and fair under this Election Commission (EC), while the government will only cooperate with the EC to this end.