Education: Affordable, Inclusive and Quality


Published on August 31, 2013
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Bangladesh Awami League believes that education is a prerequisite to the development of a nation. Ever since assuming taking office, the Awami League government under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took special measures so that no child is left unschooled. As a result, almost 100 % children of the country now go to school, a feat unprecedented in the history of this region.

Policy Reforms

While taking office, Awami League was aware of the fact that no substantial development in the education sector could be brought about without structural reforms. With this in mind, the government took a rather giant leap and initiated the formulation of a new education policy, one that will be more science-based, time befitting and will nurture the creative faculties of the minds of children. After comprehensive research works, reviews and ratifications, the policy was formulated in 2010. This education policy received huge acclamation from academics, litterateurs, students and guardians and is considered the most time-befitting education policy the country ever had. Besides educating all, the new education policy aims to make sure that they receive quality education.


Women Education

Bangladesh has achieved immense success in the education sector because of implementing the new education policy. Besides the number of school going children, the literacy rate among women has also shot up to a great extent. During the current government’s rule, 11 % more women have learnt to read and write than in the past government. Moreover, as AL stresses the need for women empowerment, the government has introduced stipend for girls in graduate level first time in the history of the county.


Preparing Children for the Modern World

AL government has implemented different programs to boost the educational quality in Bangladesh. As many as 111 textbooks have been modernized, preschool feeding program has been introduced and 26,192 primary schools have been nationalized. To ensure uninterrupted education, the government has delivered 27 crore free school books to the students on the first day of the academic calendar, an achievement no other previous government could attain. In a bid to prepare children for the challenges of a more competitive world in future, the government has introduced two more pre-SSC public examinations. Primary School Certificate-PSC and Junior School Certificate-JSC and equivalent Dakhil Certificate Examinations have been introduced. 


Inclusive Education

To encourage the ultra poor children in coming to schools, the government has launched school feeding programme in 2100 schools. And, now it is speculated that Bangladesh will have 100 percent literacy rate within a year or two.

Despite such unprecedented successes, the Awami League government still believes that there are more to be done that they already have. There are more scopes to work on, more niches to be enlightened.