Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina places a six-point proposal at the Munich Security Conference


Published on February 17, 2024
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has placed a six-point proposal at Munich Security Conference, urging world leaders to unlock funds for the nations suffering from climate change, and end the arms race to divert resources into climate financing.

She made the remarks in her recommendations, placed at the panel discussion titled "From Pocket to Planet: Scaling Up Climate Finance" on Friday.

In her six-point proposals PM Sheikh Hasina emphasized critical actions for a sustainable future. Here are her recommendations:

Unlock Climate Finance: In the first of the six proposals, the Bangladesh premier said, "We must find solutions to unlock climate financing to keep us on track by implementing the six suggestions."

She reiterated that developed countries must fulfil their commitment to provide $100 billion per year up to 2025, based on a delivery plan.

"And, by the end of this year, we all must agree on a new climate financing target for post-2025, preferably above $100 billion, on the basis of scientific evidence," she said.

Peace and Conflict Resolution: In her second proposal, Hasina said the world needs to get rid of wars and conflicts, illegal occupations and mindless killings of unarmed civilians, especially women and children, which the globe is witnessing in Gaza and elsewhere.

The impacts of sanctions and counter-sanctions are also felt far away from the conflict zones, she said.

Address Imbalance in Financing: In her third proposal, she said the acute imbalance in financing for mitigation and adaptation needs to be addressed by at least doubling the current adaptation finance.

To this end, she thanked French President Macron for committing to providing 1 billion Euros to Bangladesh to cope with the climate change impacts.

Streamline Access to Climate Funds: Placing the fourth proposal, she said the long pending issue of streamlining access to existing international climate funds by developing countries must be resolved.

She said, "In the case of Bangladesh, we only have two eligible entities to get financing from the 'Green Climate Fund' while two more are in the process."

Global Financing Architecture Reform: In the fifth proposal, the prime minister said reforms to the global financing architecture must show meaningful results, especially in managing the debt burden of climate-vulnerable countries by expanding their access to grants and concessional loans.

Mobilise Private Capital flow: In the final and sixth recommendation, Hasina said the governments need to invest in the appropriate plans, policies and instruments to mobilise private capital flows for climate action. Simultaneously, international financial institutions need to develop innovative and blended financing mechanisms to attract private capital for bankable projects.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s proposals underscore the urgency of collective action to address climate challenges and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.