BNP’s Dream for Caretaker Govt Goes in Vain: Foreign Lobbyists with Millions of Dollars Failed, A Blueprint for Sabotage in Name of One-Point Underway


Published on July 17, 2023
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Despite the desire for elections among the grassroots-level leaders and activists of the BNP, the party's senior members, led by Tarique Rahman, are opposed to it. They are aware that their history of militancy and terrorism would lead to rejection by the public. Therefore, the top BNP leaders are attempting to unconstitutionally reduce the power of an elected government in order to seize control of the state. Their plan involves instigating violence under the guise of supporting a caretaker government, with the intention of creating an unstable environment. However, all their hopes nipped in the bud recently.

The Tarique Rahman clique is spending billions of dollars to exert pressure on the government of Bangladesh by influencing representatives from the United States and the European Union through lobbyists. As a result, the BNP had hoped that the US delegation visiting on July 12 would push the Bangladesh government to establish a caretaker government. However, during their visit, US State Department Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya and Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu did not engage in any actions of that nature. Subsequently, the BNP, frustrated by this outcome, made a single demand known as the 'One-Point' demand. They, however, announced the 32-point announcement on July 12.

However, the BNP's pursuit of foreign intervention to exert control over the government of Bangladesh is not new. On December 10, 2022, the BNP leadership coerced their party's MPs into resigning on Human Rights Day and organized rallies in Dhaka and divisional cities nationwide to wage an anti-government movement. The BNP had anticipated that the United States would impose sanctions on Bangladesh that day. They eagerly awaited additional US sanctions as a pretext to carry out acts of violence and turmoil in order to overthrow the government. Additionally, they facilitated the entry of mercenary terrorists from abroad into Dhaka.

However, the actual outcome was quite different from what the BNP had anticipated. The United States did not impose any sanctions in response to the BNP's call, and the party's grassroots leaders and activists refused to endanger their lives by engaging in violence as dictated by Tarique Rahman. Consequently, the mercenary BNP terrorists had to return empty-handed from the rally. Furthermore, in a subsequent by-election, a BNP MP who had been forced into resigning emerged victorious as an independent candidate from Comilla. Despite the BNP expelling him, their grassroots leaders actively participated in the election and aided his triumph. Similar incidents have occurred on multiple occasions in the past as well. The BNP has a history of expelling local leaders who choose to participate in elections, showcasing Tarique Rahman's repeated efforts to obstruct the country's electoral process and democratic system.

Tarique Rahman, infamous for his involvement in extortion, embezzlement, and smuggling operations worth significant amounts of money, is well aware that he cannot win in an election. His extensive record of engaging in acts of terrorism, orchestrating killings, persecuting politicians, and supporting militant groups has rendered him ineligible to participate in the electoral process. By legal standards, Tarique Rahman is a convicted criminal. Realizing his own ineligibility, he aims to prevent any party members from engaging in the electoral process. His ultimate goal is to seize the position of Prime Minister through acts of terrorism, arson, and assassinations targeting politicians. To facilitate this agenda, some corrupt and convicted BNP leaders are supporting him. Therefore, they have hired foreign lobbyists for billions of dollars and are running negative propaganda about Bangladesh internationally. Even on BNP's official Twitter, they posted derogatory comments about the patriotic army.

The high-ranking leaders of the BNP are facing disappointment as their efforts have been in vain. Despite the influence of BNP's paid lobbyists, the representatives from the USA and the European Union have called for elections free from violence. Tarique Rahman hoped foreign representatives would intervene and pressure the Bangladesh government into implementing a caretaker government system. However, since no such statements were made, the senior leaders of the BNP are now urging their activists not to participate in the elections. While grassroots-level activists express their desire for elections, the BNP leaders prioritize their own interests over democratic principles. This repetitive disregard for the constitution and democratic processes poses a threat to the stability of Bangladesh. It is important to remain cautious of these individuals who disguise themselves as political figures while engaging in violent activities. Safeguarding the well-being of your family and fellow citizens by fostering a peaceful social environment is crucial. Remember, this country belongs to all of us, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure its security.