My goal is to change the fate of Bangladesh's people: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on July 2, 2023
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday said her goal is for improving the condition of the people of the country.

“My goal is to change the fate of the people of Bangladesh,” she said at a meeting at Tungipara in her home district of Gopalganj.

The premier was exchanging greetings and views with local leaders and members of Awami League and its associate bodies, public representatives and local people at AL office here on the occasion of the Eid-ul Azha. She is now on a two-day visit to the district.

Sheikh Hasina, also the president of ruling Awami League, said her government has made massive development of the country through implementation of different programmes including "My House, My Firm", community clinics, Digital Bangladesh, "My Village, My Town," as well as reaching electricity to every house.

“Now everyone sees Bangladesh as a role model for development,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina in her concluding speech said her government has successfully curbed terrorism and militancy in this country.

“Still some quarters try to indulge in such activities. If the people remain cautious, they won’t be able to do it,” she said adding that the engagement of people is most essential here.

Referring to the torture and violence unleashed by BNP, the PM said the people of the country witnessed the terrorist face of BNP-Jamaat. They didn’t make any development of the country, rather they became the owners of assets and properties and siphoned money off the country, she said.

She said they (BNP-Jamaat) committed many misdeeds like siphoning money, terrorism, corruption, creating militants, killing the people, preparation of electoral rolls with 1.23 crore fake voters.

Referring to the arson violence carried out by BNP-Jamaat during the 2013-2015, the PM said those who can burn and kill the innocent people alive have nothing called politics.

“For them the power is the money-making machine and to play ducks and drakes with the fate of the people,” she said.

The premier asked all to remain alert so that none can play with the fate of the people of Bangladesh anymore.

Referring to Bangabandhu ‘s foreign policy dictum of ‘Friendship to all, and malice towards none’, said her government follows this policy.

“But we don’t want anyone to create obstacles on our development journey or our progress. We will not tolerate that,” she said.

Coming down heavily on some Bangladeshis who complain against the country, she said those who have no strength on their own soil, and have no trust and confidence in the people of own country complain (before the foreigners) going abroad and spread false information to misguide the people.

“Today my promise is that none will be allowed to play ducks and drakes with the fate of the people of this country. The people of this country will be a hunger-poverty-free, developed and prosperous nation,” said Hasina.

Mentioning that Bangladesh will start its journey as a developing country in 2026, she said if BNP-Jamaat come to power again, they will play foul with the people of this country and will ruin it.

“So, everyone will have to work together to stop them,” she said.

Citing that many people including AL men were killed by BNP terrorists, PM Hasina said the Canadian Federal Court declared BNP as a terrorist organization.

“This terrorist organization has no right to talk about the people of Bangladesh. The false information they spread would not last long,” she said.

Criticizing the leadership of BNP, Hasina said she behaved with kindness to suspend the corruption sentence of BNP leader Khaleda Zia and allowed her to stay home.

BNP acting chairperson (Tarique Zia) is also a convicted person in 10-truck arms-haul and August 21 grenade attack cases and he is now staying in London as a fugitive talking big through social media.

“Why doesn't he (Tarique) come to Bangladesh since he says he has so much courage? He can’t do it. He can’t show such courage,” she said.

She said Tarique fled the country giving an undertaking to the then caretaker government that he won’t do politics anymore.

The people of this country and Awami League have no such wretchedness that they will have to hear such words and take lessons from them now, she said.

The PM asked all to exercise austerity in the use of electricity and water, plant trees in the rainy season and not to keep an inch of land uncultivated for boosting food production amid the current global situation.

The AL chief heard from the local leaders of the party and public representatives particularly regarding the development in her constituency.

They wished that Sheikh Hasina will be the next prime minister.

Sheikh Helal Uddin, MP, and Sheikh Salahuddin Jewel among others, were present at the function.

Tungipara AL president Sheikh Abul Bashar Khair was present on the dais while its general secretary Md Babul Sheikh moderated the function.

Sheikh Hasina will return to Dhaka today ending her two-day visit to her home district Gopalganj.