Bangladesh was pushed to the verge of destruction during BNP-Jamaat regime: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on May 3, 2023
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Denouncing opposition BNP and Jamaat as "arsonists", Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has reiterated her call upon countrymen to prevent them from coming to power again.

BNP-Jamaat nexus drove Bangladesh to the verge of destruction during their regime, she said yesterday while speaking at a civic reception accorded to her at Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington.

The PM is on a six-day official visit to the United States during which she attended the celebration of 50 years of Bangladesh's partnership with the World Bank.

While addressing the programme, she said her Awami League government has been able to put Bangladesh on the "highway of development" through hard work over the last 14 years.

"Bangladesh will keep marching forward. Bangladesh will be built as the developed and prosperous Golden Bangladesh of the Father of the Nation, and that is our aim. We will work keeping that target in our mind," she said.

Hasina said the government has built the country as Digital Bangladesh.

"Taking advantage of digital Bangladesh, they [BNP-Jamaat] are engaged in spreading lies against us. Please do not pay heed to their propaganda," she told her audience.