Prothom Alo is enemy of democracy and people: PM Sheikh Hasina


Published on April 11, 2023
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday came down heavily on the Prothom Alo saying that the Bengali language daily is the enemy of her ruling Awami League party, democracy and the people of the country.

"The name of the paper is Prothom Alo (first light), but it lives in darkness. Prothom Alo is the enemy of democracy and the people of the country," she told the parliament.

She said the newspaper asked a 7-year old child to tell a lie, handing him Tk10. They recorded his remark –-'We want freedom of rice, fish and meat'--- and published it.

"I am very sorry to say that they never want the stability to remain in this country," she said.

Hasina said the newspaper was very glad in 2007 when the emergency was declared and two newspapers got engaged wholeheartedly at that time.

Without mentioning the name, she also criticised the USA saying that the country talks against corruption, but they've been advocating for convicted persons in graft charges.

"They want to bring such a government here, scraping democracy, which would have no democratic existence –-- (that means) undemocratic trend," she said, adding that "some local (so-called) intellectuals who live on selling their intellects obey them."

The premier made the remarks, joining the discussion on a motion placed by her in the House, marking the 50 years (Golden Jubilee) of the Bangladesh National Parliament. This was also her valedictory speech in the 22nd session of the current parliament.