Khaleda Zia's regime: Juba Dal leaders cut people into pieces on the streets


Published on January 4, 2023
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BNP-Jamaat terrorists established a reign of terror across the country during their regime from 2001 to 2006. Under the direct command of Tarique Rahman, four MPs Mirza Abbas, Salahuddin, Nasiruddin Pintu and SA Khaleque divided Dhaka city into four underground areas to control the terrorist groups. The unruly terrorists of Dhaka Chhatra Dal and Jubo Dal started extortion and murders publicly from markets, business establishments, educational institutions and everywhere. Over extortion, they killed wholesale cloth trader Shamsul Haque of Sadarghat, his son Russell and driver Moazzem, cut their bodies into pieces and left those on the streets.

On March 28, 2004, Janakantha published the gruesome photos. It reported Kajol, an influential leader of Juba Dal's central committee, called businessman Shamsul Haque before Friday prayers. Later, Shamsul Haque went out in his car with his son, saying to his wife that they would have lunch together.

The body of Shamsul Haque, the president of the Garments and Textile Traders Association, was found on the side of the Dhaka-Aricha highway the next day. The terrorists severed the bodies of the businessman and his son and stuffed those in bags. They left those near the Abahani field.

Shamsul Haque's wife said that after receiving Kajol's call, Shamsul Haque took Tk two lakhs with him to pay him. On their way, she had a talk with her son once, who said they were going towards Savar and would return shortly. But they never returned.

Juba Dal leader Kajol, who was a Chhatra Dal cadre in Jagannath College, killed police sergeant Forhad in 1994. He also killed watch merchant Selim of Islampur. Though his father was a porter at Sadarghat, Kajal became the terror of a part of old Dhaka for Chhatra Dal and Juba Dal.