Why the barbaric plan to assassinate intellectuals and organized rape of Bengali women?


Published on December 5, 2022
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The Pakistani junta carried out brutal tortures on Bengali women for nine months since their heinous crackdown with heavy arms and tanks on the sleeping Bengali nation on the night of March 25, 1971. With the help of Razakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams forces, they set up separate detention centres for women in each area. Pakistani vampires set the gruesome example of organized rape and murder across the country. But why?

The reason is very clear. A statement from General Niazi, the then Pakistani army chief, made the plan of organized rape clear. Pakistani General Khadim Hussain Raja later wrote about this in his autobiography. During the Liberation War, he used to take part in regular meetings with General Niazi and General Rao Farman Ali while serving as the General Commanding Officer of the 14th Division of the Pakistan Army in Dhaka.

In his autobiography, General Khadim wrote about an incident of April 10: “General Niazi roared as soon as he entered the house. He continued to say: I will change the caste of this bastard nation. Niazi instigated the army soldiers towards Bengali women. Then he started talking a lot of obscene things about the Bengali nation. Unable to bear such humiliation, the Bengali Major Mushtaq, who was present there, entered the bathroom and shot himself dead.”

However, several other research sources say that Major Mushtaq was taken to the bathroom and shot dead as he protested Niazi's dirty remarks about the Bengali nation and women.

Before leaving Dhaka, General Khadim went to meet Niazi on April 11. He wrote: "I went to meet Niazi to hand over the responsibility to General Rahim. He was supposed to explain the map of the war. But he looked at me and said – ‘We will fight our way, don't worry. Now give me the phone numbers of your Bengali girlfriends.’ I knew something about Niazi's perversion but his plans about women at a crucial time like the war disappointed me."

The Pakistanis planned to rape as many Bengali women as they could. Their aim was to create a legacy of Pakistani blood on the soil of Bengal by using Bengali women as sex slaves to satisfy their perverted sexual needs and impregnate millions of women. These Pakistani beasts have ruined the lives of at least five lakh women through organized rape to make the Bengali nation Pakistani. More than one lakh children, born due to these rapes, were adopted abroad as war children in the post-independence period.

According to the testimony from the personal diary of General Rao Forman Ali, recovered after the war, the Pakistanis had planned to turn the green soil of Bengal into the red with the blood of Bengali people. Even on the verge of their defeat, they planned to assassinate the best-renowned intellectuals in the country on December 14. The organized assassination of the intellectuals aimed not to let Bangladesh stand upright as an independent state. General Rao Farman Ali made the blueprint for the assassination. These barbaric forces conducted the killing mission consisted of Razakars, Al Badr and Al Shams forces who were made up of leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami.