From 2001 to 2006: BNP-Jamaat leaders used to steal tins and OMS rice allocated to the poor


Published on November 13, 2022
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While in power from 2001 to 2006, the BNP-Jamaat leaders used to steal tins allocated for the poor and needy of the country and sell them in the market or distribute them among themselves. They also disbursed the OMS rice, donated by the government for the needy, among their party activists.

The Jugantar published reports about the issue on March 14 and 19 in 2007. Even after winning the 2001 elections, the Jamaat MP in Pabna pressured the Upazila Chairman to give the OMS to Jamaat-Shibir workers instead of the poor in 2002. The dispute between the chairman and the MP left the rice stuck in the warehouse.

Even during the caretaker government, the police recovered hundreds of bundles of relief tins from the ponds of influential BNP-Jamaat leaders in Sylhet in 2007. The law enforcement agencies recovered three thousand bundles of relief tins from Kurigram alone. Although these tins were supposed to be distributed to the needy through MPs, BNP-Jamaat activists used them for their own needs.

About 100 bundles of tin were given to the relatives of the in-laws' of Deputy Relief Minister Asadul Habib Dulu. They distributed only 12 bundles of tins among six persons in Kurigram Municipality and stole the remaining tins by creating a fake list of 43 people.

Also, during the caretaker government, police arrested the General Secretary of Shatagram Union BNP of Biral Upazila in Dinajpur, Abdur Rashid, for embezzling relief tins. They also recovered the relief materials from his house based on his confession. Relief tins were also recovered from the house of Kamruzzaman Russell, General Secretary of Nandail Upazila Chhatra Dal. Police also recovered a large number of relief tins from Barguna and Barisal.