Sheikh Russel’s murder a stain on Bangladesh’s conscience: Sajeeb Wazed


Published on October 18, 2022
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Recalling Bangladesh history's darkest chapter, the 1975 assassination of Bangabandhu and his family, PM's ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy has said that the murder of 10-year-old Sheikh Russel is a stain on the nation's conscience.

Sajeeb Wazed uploaded the post from his verified Facebook page.

"Please take me to my mother" – how Russel sobbed on that tragic night, the post added. "We are taking you to your mother," was the false hope given to Russel, and soon after bullets were fired, a pointer to the sheer barbarity unleashed by the group of assassins, part of a larger national and international conspiracy, with the murderers going unpunished for decades.

The post also includes an animated video, portraying the fateful night of August 15, 1975, in which little Russel is seen crying in a pool of blood at the Dhanmondi 32 house.

Russel would have celebrated his 59th birthday today, had the assassins' bullets not snuffed out his life.

The feeble voice of Russel, begging for life, was drowned out by the beastly laughter of the murderers and the rattling shots of a brushfire. The voice of the little angel was silenced forever, wrote Sajeeb Wazed.

A pack of traitors brutally murdered a child, along with other members of Bangabandhu's family, to avenge defeat in the Liberation War, added the post.

"How can we, Bengalis, get rid of this stigma? Please give sanity a chance," he further said.

"May every child grow up safely. May the altar of the bloodstained memory of Russel ring in a new, humane world," he said.