Fuel price will be readjusted once it decreases in global market: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on August 14, 2022
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said that government could understand the sufferings of the people due to the recent price hike of fuel oil and electricity rationing. "We can realise the sufferings of the people," she said.

She assured the countrymen that the government will surely lower the price of fuel oil when it comes down in the international market.

"We will adjust the price of fuel oil whenever it comes down in the world market. I have given that directive too," she added.

The premier made this remark while speaking at the meeting with the organising secretaries of Awami League (AL) from eight divisions at her official residence Ganabhaban here.

Regarding the power crisis and the countrywide load-shedding, she urged the people to tolerate this pain for some more days.

She added, "When the coal-fired power plants will be in production our problems of electricity will be gone."

Sheikh Hasina blamed the Ukraine-Russia war, sanctions and counter-sanction which caused heavy damage to the economy of the country when it was turning around from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She further said: "The USA and Russia are the most gainers from this sanction and counter-sanction as the prices of US and Russian currencies have increased."

She mentioned that mid and lower-middle-class people around the world are the worst sufferers of this war, sanction and counter-sanction.

The Prime Minister came down heavily on a section of people who increased the prices of everything taking the advantage of war and fuel oil price hikes.

She said, "There is a section of unscrupulous businessmen who hike the prices unnecessarily. There is no reason to hike the prices of everything. But they are increasing the prices."

Sheikh Hasina urged the people to increase production and produce whatever they can. "We are facing problems in those items dependent on imports."

She said the opposition parties could stage movements in the democratic process, but they should also understand that excessive movement will cause loss of the country and increase the suffering of the people.

"We realise people's sufferings (for price hike of fuels and electricity rationing). . Many people including the opposition, will try to take its advantage, but if they do excess in the name of the movement, then people's sufferings will increase," she said.

She said the opposition party was being given scope to raise movement against the government.

"Our opposition is getting a scope to raise movement. Let them do that. I also want it," she said.

In this connection, Sheikh Hasina, also the President of the ruling AL, said she has directed concerned authorities to allow the opposition to stage their movement and not to arrest and disturb anyone for this.

"If they want to besiege the Prime Minister's office, let them do that," she said.

She continued that the people of the country know very well that the government has tried with utmost sincerity to tackle the situation regarding fuel prices and electricity production.

The prime minister added: "The opposition will try to utilise the scopes, but if they do anything excessive, people will ultimately suffer more for that. They have to realise that."

She also expressed her apprehension that she doesn't know how much they will be successful in raising the movement, but surely it will bring loss for the country.

Sheikh Hasina said, "But, we will be able to handle that, I have that belief."

The Prime Minister said that they could understand the sufferings of the people due to the recent price hike of fuel oil and electricity rationing. "We can realise the sufferings of the people," she said.

Talking about the August 15 killing, she said, "One question rises in my mind: why did they kill my father, mother and brothers? What was their fault?"

She said Bangabandhu tried to establish pro-people administration and decentralised it to hand over the power to the grassroots level people.

"It seems that whoever wants to play a role in improving people's fate must have to face disaster. This is the reality."

Sheikh Hasina noted that this is very much unfortunate that whenever people of the country started to live a better life at that time the vested quarter started to hatch a conspiracy.

She added: "There is a section of people who never want the welfare of the people. That means when the independence becomes meaningful, good results of the independence reach the people, we always see there is an effort to put hurdles in that."

She laid emphasis on strengthening the party and its activities to remain beside the people as it always did in the past.

The Awami League chief said that her party always believes in democracy, principles and in the power of the people.

She said that Ziaur Rahman, HM Ershad and Khaleda Zia patronised and awarded the killers of Bangabandhu and established the era of impunity.