Creating Rumour is Now the Main Task of BNP Leaders


Published on July 30, 2022
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Creating rumors is now the main task of BNP leaders, said Bangladesh Awami League in a post on its verified Facebook page.

The comment was posted in response to BNP's recent remarks over the state of the country’s forex reserve amid the ongoing austerity measures to deal with global headwinds.

"The party is living on the oxygen of rumours," the Facebook post reads.

The reserve of Bangladesh is now stable at $40 billion while BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the reserve is not more than $16 billion, AL said.

"He (Fakhrul) may have said this to reduce the gap of $40 billion with $2 billion billion during the BNP era. Mirza Fakhrul does politics based on rumors and lies," reads the post.

The AL said any sensible citizen of the country could never support these rumours.

On Friday, Fakhrul said the government has not more than $16 billion in usable forex reserves in the country.

“They are turning Bangladesh into a failed state. So, we can’t give Awami League any more time and chance. The more they stay in power, the faster the country's destruction will accelerate,” the BNP leader said.