Sheikh Hasina's Poverty Alleviation Model: Landless people are self-reliant, helpless people standing upright in prosperous Bangladesh


Published on March 7, 2022
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She has witnessed everything about Bangladesh – from its birth to its establishment as a middle-income country. In the journey of advancement of war-torn Bangladesh since its independence, the country experienced attacks on the national flag by old vulture enemies and also the endless joy of mass people for exercising their voting rights. But fates of some people remained unchanged. Karimon Bewa is one of them – who forgot to have a dream for the future while living in acute miseries.

The open sky has been their only umbrella for so long, regardless of the heatwave in summer, the severe storms in rain, or the chilling cold in winter. They used to stay in the yard of one’s house for one day, for the other day they took shelter under the corridor of another one’s shop. Some of them might have had a place to stay, but they did not have food to feed themselves two times a day. The helpless people with torn clothes used to lead their lives on the grace of others.

But that situation has changed today as marginalized people have got the services and facilities beyond their expectation and imagination.

Yes, the government has so far built one house with land for about 4 lakh uprooted families on the initiative of Bangabandhu daughter Sheikh Hasina. Handing over houses to 1 lakh more families is underway. Ensuring the housing arrangements, the government is now taking various measures for their earnings. These families are becoming prosperous by utilizing the facilities of the developmental infrastructure of Bangladesh. Besides government allowances are reaching the homes of the elderly, widows, the disabled and the helpless. As a result, their children are returning from their early working lives. Free education and stipends have helped the new generation of helpless people return to school. The benefits of independence are reaching at every door, the most of the marginalized people are now daring of dreaming for a better future.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has introduced interest-free loans for the economic emancipation of low-income people. Palli Sanchay Bank has been established in every upazila to help rural farmers, labourers, unemployed youth, poor, helpless and low-income people. People are now getting loans without guarantors for raising livestock, growing vegetables or farming. With the digitalization of all sectors including communication and financial system, new income opportunities have been created. The government has taken initiative to deliver the agricultural products of marginal farmers directly to the consumers by using the internet facility of Union Parishad. As a result, even the worst helpless people of the village are enjoying every basic benefit today.

Basically, after becoming the Prime Minister for the first time in 1996, Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina took the initiative to rehabilitate the disadvantaged people through the Ashrayan project. Since then, she has been relentless in making efforts to bring smiles to the faces of the destitute people of society. The government has ensured food and financial assistance to the poor and needy even after facing the obstacles of the coronavirus period. Even fruit, forest and herbal trees have been planted in every project village as part of the green revolution. Electricity, drinking water and sanitation have been ensured. Even specially designed houses have been built for the poor ethnic minority families.

Prime Minister and people’s Leader Sheikh Hasina has devoted her life to the welfare of masses like the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman wanted to ensure shelter for all helpless people at the very beginning of the country's reconstruction. The daughter of Bangabandhu remains always vigilant amid the disease and disaster of the Bengali nation. Her leadership has brought light to the eyes of millions of poor people.

While passing the milestone of the Golden Jubilee of independence, the joy of the uprooted people for returning to their own nests after the end of every working day brings an immortal satisfaction in mind. My Golden Bengal is progressing ahead with the formation of a humane society and a unique beauty.

While the international community has failed in its effort to eradicate poverty from the world with various initiatives including micro-credit, our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's plan has been immensely successful. Initially, she provided land and built houses for the landless. Then she has launched interest-free loans without guarantors nationally for creating employment opportunities for the poor. After accommodation, the once uprooted people have got the inspiration to find their own employment. Their new generation has started accessing the light of education. This is Sheikh Hasina's poverty alleviation model. There will be no more impoverished people in the world if the world follows this model.