Spirit of Liberation War & New Generation


Published on September 11, 2021
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Hiren Pandit:

The war of liberation was a war to free the Bengali nation from the shackles of exploitation. The spirit of the liberation war is the name of a nation's dream. The dream inspired the nation to establish a sovereign state and united the Bengali nation in establishing a democratic and non-exploitative society.

The liberation war of 1971 is a glorious event or chapter in the thousand-year history of the Bengali nation. Our freedom has been achieved by shedding blood of 3 million martyrs, the disgrace of millions of mothers and sisters, and the nine-month war of 1971 in exchange for a boundless sacrifice.

The victory was snatched on 16 December after 23 years of deprivation and exploitation and nine months of armed struggle, defeating the Pakistani aggressors. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the greatest son of Bengalis for thousands of years, the greatest Bengali of all time, the great hero of history, and the father of the nation, has made the dream of Bengal a reality.

The war of liberation is the most glorious event for the Bengali nation and as long as the Bengali nation exists, this war of liberation will remain as the chapter of the best glory, as an unforgettable glorious song. Because the Bengali nation has been exploited by one or another ruler since its birth, many things have had to be sacrificed.

Bangladesh would not have been independent if Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had not been born. If the leader was not born, we would not have got the Bangladesh that we got. Bangabandhu himself was an independent thinker, he also made the country independent on his initiative. There is no region of Bangladesh where he has not wandered, he has gathered people in his glory.

He created self-awareness among the people, instilled both the spirit and the seeds of the freedom movement in the minds of all Bengalis. Rights have awakened consciousness. Has created inspiration in people's minds. He has been imprisoned repeatedly. But he did not bow down to any greed. In Bangabandhu and Bangladesh, two suffixes, two words are inextricably linked. It was under the timeless and dynamic leadership of this short-lived great man in 1971 that the Bengali nation tasted liberation.

The present young generation of Bangladesh has not seen the liberation war but has heard or read the history of the liberation war. Now the question is how accurate they are from where they have read. That too is a matter of observation. Did our previous generation accurately present the history of the Liberation War before us? Or have we misled the younger generation by telling them distorted history? Young people should keep a watchful eye on this issue. The young or the new generation should know the exact history.

How successful are our schools, colleges, and universities in presenting the history of the Liberation War? We notice that various changes in history take place when the government comes. History is changed according to one's own needs or convenience. This change is not a matter of happiness for a nation. Distortion of history is just a name to destroy and confuse a nation. Now the wise parents have to stand by the side of the new generation to establish the consciousness of liberation war.

We got an independent country because of the liberation war. The lives of countless freedom fighters, mothers, and sisters have given us an independent country in return for their respect and the responsibility to build that country belongs to you and all of us. Knowing the correct history of the war of liberation, forgetting all divisions, we will build a dream golden Bangladesh which was dreamed by the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Youth is a force that is enlivened by endless possibilities and colorful dreams. A spark can turn youth into a blazing flame that can become as bright as a star. The dreams of the youth will be the dreams of Bangladesh, the thoughts will be the thoughts of Bangladesh, the works will be the work of Bangladesh. '

There are bright marks of sacrifice, struggle, and self-sacrifice of millions of people on every page of our history of independence. In these 50 years of independence, a few questions come to mind, what is the real meaning of independence? Is 'freedom' the power to be self-governing? Were we able to reach a certain acceptable conclusion on that day about the feeling of the country, the idea of freedom, the questions raised about justice? When the flag flew as a symbol of pride, passion, and patriotism in every aspect of the newly independent country, millions of people from the refugee camps, destitute, returned to the independent country with tears in their eyes, needed more initiative to rebuild those shattered dreams.

In the fifty years of independence, we have achieved a lot, we have come a long way. Can all the people of the country eat two meals a day and sleep in peace? It has been possible to ensure the safety of the common man. However, much remains to be done for disadvantaged and socially marginalized people.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, worthy daughter of the Father of the Nation, has been working tirelessly to materialize the dream of a golden Bengal that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamed of. We have indeed come a long way in various indicators of finance and development. But in other areas where progress was supposed to be made, we have not been able to make the desired progress.

Political freedom has come, but more needs to be done for social and economic freedom. Independence means building the country on a solid foundation; To enable the people of the country to meet the needs of education, health, food, clothing, and livable space. To make people's livelihood, to make the country self-reliant by spreading science and vocational education, and to inspire everyone in the spirit of the liberation war.

A good education can inspire everyone with the spirit of the liberation war. It can bring people from darkness to light. It can be very difficult to take all the freedoms forward if the light of real education is not lit among the people of the country. The present generation has not seen a fight against Pakistani misrule or Pak dictatorship. Just heard or read. It is also not clear how much the present generation has a clear idea of the great Independence Day, so the senior members of the family have to work here. We have to sharpen the new generation with the spirit of the liberation war.

With the commitment and relentless efforts of the present government, Digital Bangladesh has brought our lives back to normal and we have risen to a new level. Our country is moving forward with the use of modern instruments and technology. Education, information exchange, business, financial transactions using the internet are increasing.

Millions of people are getting acquainted with advanced culture including education, livelihood, and medicine. To enrich the country with the spirit of the liberation war, family, society, country, and state must come forward and build the golden Bengal of Bangabandhu's dream by enriching everyone with the spirit of the liberation war.

Writer: Research Fellow, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication