Govt will not tolerate any negligence in building houses for poor


Published on July 8, 2021
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Hon'ble Prime Minister and daughter of Bangabandhu, Sheikh Hasina took the initiative to rehabilitate every landless and homeless people in the country on the occasion of Mujib Year.

To implement the Prime Minister's announcement of 'Not a single person in the country will be homeless' in May 2020, the government formulated a 'policy to provide housing for the landless and homeless.

Under this policy, houses are being built for 293,361 landless and homeless families, and 592,261 families who have land but no home.

For a total of 885,622 extremely poor families, the work of land settlement and construction of a two-room house started in December 2020.

With the sincere initiative of the government, 118,380 extremely poor families have already been handed over their lands and houses.

Not only that, according to the instructions of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, even after the houses were handed over to the needy, the government is looking after them through the public representatives and the administration.

As a result, minor faults were reported in 300 of the millions of newly built homes. An inquiry committee was formed to look into the matter. Although no corruption information was found, evidence of negligence of duty was found against some officials.

Five government officials have already been OSDed and two departmental cases have been filed against them for negligence in the construction of houses for the destitute.

The slightest irregularity and negligence will not be tolerated in the uplifting of the condition of the extremely poor people of the country. The government is vocal in proving 100% transparency and efficiency in implementing the prime minister's promise.