Awami League considers providing proper support to farmers as its duty: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on April 20, 2021
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed the importance of developing the agriculture economy, saying the government is also putting a special focus on industries to take the country forward.

She urged everyone to do so in a pre-recorded speech marking the founding anniversary of Bangladesh Krishak League, the ruling Awami League's affiliated body for farmers, on Monday evening.

“We are putting special emphasis on the agriculture of the country. An agro-based economy will push us forward. Along with agro-economy, we are also paying special attention to our industries,” Hasina said.

She added that her government is helping the farmers to market theirs produces and export these overseas.

Hasina congratulated all members of the Krishak League and paid tribute to the founder of the association the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

She expressed her gratitude and mentioned the farmers’ critical role in fulfilling the demand for food.

“They produce food toiling under the sun, soaking in the rain. We stay alive eating foods produced by them. Hence, we always support them and help them out - we, in particular, the Bangladesh Awami League think it is our duty to do so.”

Hasina said that since her party first came to power, it has been directing its efforts towards mitigating the problems of the farmers following in the footsteps of the nation’s founding father.

“When the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family were assassinated in 1975, the murderers illegally seized power. They also began playing with the fates of the farmers of the country. Eighteen farmers even had to give their lives after being shot upon asking for fertilisers.”

“The farmers were relieved of their troubles once the Awami League formed the government. Because the Bangladesh Awami League worked for the welfare of the farmers.”

Hasina referred to a host of government measures to help out the farmers, including providing collateral-free credit to the sharecroppers through Bangladesh Krishi Bank.

“We have reduced the price of the fertiliser that cost Tk 90 during BNP’s regime to only Tk 12. We have also produced improved seeds through studies and supplied them to the farmers.”

The prime minister mentioned government subsidies to mechanise agricultural processes and power backup for irrigation and equipment to carry out their works.

“We’ve highly prioritised research… We can produce new breeds of vegetables, fruits and grain cereals, and many other food products due to these studies. We are expanding our research with that in mind and supplying [farmers] with high-quality seeds.”