Bangladesh among top 20 nations in Bloomberg's COVID-19 resilience ranking


Published on December 24, 2020
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Bangladesh has climbed four spots into the top 20 of Bloomberg’s latest monthly Covid-19 resilience rankings.

The Bloomberg rankings consider 10 key metrics, including increases in the number of Covid-19 cases, overall mortality rate and testing capability. The capacity of local healthcare systems, impact of virus-related restrictions on the economy and freedom of movement are also considered.

Bangladesh performed admirably in many of the indicators, with 34 cases per 100,000, mortality rate of 1.6%, 44 deaths per million and a test positivity rate of 10.2% in the last month – all on the lower side. However, a key area where the country performed poorly was in terms of access to vaccines, where Bangladesh was given the lowest score of 5% along with several other nations.

New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia and Singapore round out the top 5 in the rankings, which only considers economies of $200 billion or more. The UAE, Israel, Russia and the Netherlands take the spots immediately ahead of Bangladesh in the top 20.

The bottom ranked nations, at 51, 52 and 53, are Peru, Argentina and Mexico, respectively. The US is currently languishing at rank 37 after dropping 19 spots.

Bangladesh earned a Bloomberg resilience score of 59.2, equal with Germany in 21st position. Israel, Russia and Netherlands achieved scores of 62.4, 61.7 and 61.3, respectively, while top-ranked New Zealand was given a score of 85.6.