Happy Birthday to Mother of Humanity


Published on September 28, 2020
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Sharif Shahab Uddin: 

A great man is born and destined to do something great and, of course, our great Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina performed her jobs perfectly well as she inherited the glorious legacy of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who has gifted his beloved people an independent and sovereign homeland, Bangladesh.

The world has so much to be proud of Bangabandhu, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and many other great people at the international level who have an outstanding contribution in making the world really liveable for children. The Gettysburg speech by Abraham Lincoln carried a message that all men are created equal and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Similarly, Bangabandhu's 7-March speech has reflected all the aspects of peace, liberty, democracy, human rights and a unique example of keeping himself calm and resolute in the face of provocation of war unleashed by the Pakistan military brutality and atrocity that claimed the lives of several million innocent people.

The global people were in sync with a peaceful path that Bangabandhu adhered to and that is why the Pakistan military junta was compelled to surrender to the people of Bangladesh who had in their arsenal only one weapon that is Sheikh Mujib legacy of the peaceful path the whole life he followed.

Sheikh Mujib was a lifelong crusader of peace, liberty and democracy like America’s founding father Gorge Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other distinguished leaders who were involved in framing the historic Declaration of Independence in 1776. In remembering the leaders of the Indian subcontinent, we have our Bangabandhu, we have Rabindranath Tagore, Chittaranjan Das, Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Because of his superlative ideals, Bangabandhu became the champion of the world peace and iconic leaders of the oppressed of the world during his time. After the independence of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu started making Bangladesh a unique example of which could be a model and widely acclaimed by the people who were pursuing the policy of global peace. But the enemies of peace, liberty and democracy did not allow that to happen. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was brutally assassinated by the forces hostile to peace. With his assassination, the people of Bangladesh again got into a quagmire. The entire nation suddenly became aimless. Unprecedented anti-people activities were carried out by the military junta.

With the sudden shockwave of August 15 tragedy in 1975, the people got frustrated, aimless and moved in different directions without leadership. Amid the devastation, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina emerged as a symbol of new hope and unity for the nation and played the role of a saviour. With her dynamic and charismatic leadership, the nation successfully overcame the awfully appalling situation. Now the country is safe and has got on to the development superhighway. The short, medium and long-term plans taken under the government will certainly lead us to achieve the goal of graduating to the status of a developed nation by 2041 under the guidance of our motherly leader Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We convey our heartiest congratulations on the occasion of her birthday.

In the massacre of August, in which the Father of the Nation was brutally assassinated along with most of the members of his family, including the little boy Sheikh Russel, the hands of General Zia were stained with the blood of the Bangabandhu and his family. In the aftermath of a political changeover, the hands of General Ershad, Zia’s widow Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Zia were defiled with the blood of the martyrs of the country. With the August tragedy, they caused darkness to descend on Bangladesh. On the contrary, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina brought about a great expectation of hope among the COVID-hit nation. And that’s what Sheikh Hasina is to be proud of by the people.

Zia, Ershad, Khaleda and Tarique propelled the country to darkness while Sheikh Hasina brought about light in our life, gradually leading us to a life of glory. Driving out myriads of monumental obstacles, she heralded the brightest dawn for our beloved Bangladesh in the global community, particularly by dint of her intellect, in just a decade. It is no denying the fact that Sheikh Hasina is born to do something great for her birthplace and for the planet as well. We pray to the Almighty so that she could make a greater contribution. We wish her a happy birthday.

Wide-ranging corruption and terrorism were let loose to perpetuate the illegal power of the then military ruler. The whole nation plunged in turmoil and unprecedented chaos and conflict. At that crucial hour, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina, who is the present Prime Minister, returned home from exile and started a popular movement against the illegal rule of General Ziaur Rahman and General HM Ershad. After a long struggle, Sheikh Hasina was voted to power with an overwhelming majority. From day one of her assuming office in January 2009, she has been fighting a new battle in a new reality. But she could muster the popular support and attained success in achieving the country's expected goals set by the Father of the Nation.

And it was possible only because Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was pursuing the policy of Bangabandhu and other great world leaders. Because of her pragmatic and pro-people activities and most dynamic action, Bangladesh soon became the development role model for the international community.

From day one of her assuming power, Sheikh Hasina was facing unprecedented odds and hurdles. Despite all the hindrances, the people of the country have extended all-out support to her. The global leaders are equally impressed with the performance of Sheikh Hasina. They continue to invite Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to all the G-7, G20 and other forums of the world. Sheikh Hasina has been recognised as Mother of Humanity for providing shelter to the displaced Rohingyas.

The global leaders are profoundly impressed with the performance of Sheikh Hasina. So, we, as a nation, have so much to be proud of you, our beloved Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Congratulations and we wish you many many happy returns of your birthday. The nation's burden is on your shoulder. For Bangladesh’s non-stop progress and for the welfare of the nation, you have to be in the best of your health and spirits.

The nation is in extreme need of your services. Your birth is a blessing for the nation and hope springs amongst us with your birth. We wish you continue to facilitate the progress and prosperity of the nation. We celebrate your 73rd birth anniversary with great enthusiasm. Happy birthday to our great Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Bangabandhu, the last hope of the people of independent Bangladesh!

You are greater than your deed of glory. People proudly hold you as more precious than their life itself. So, we wish you a long life so that you can lead the country to the top where the future enemy can't reach to do any harm anyway. We ardently hope that the work initiated by Bangabandhu will be carried out fully by you. After the 15th August tragedy, you have emerged as a Joan of Arc of Bangladesh. The enemies were trying to make Bangladesh a corrupt state like Pakistan where innocent children were being slaughtered by Al-Qaeda which pursues the negative extremist version of Islam and which has been obviously leaving peace in jeopardy and thus Islam, the religion of peace, has been distorted and misused by them for destruction and devastation. Sheikh Hasina's rock-solid determination has driven out the evil elements from Bangladesh. So, the nation needs Sheikh Hasina to wipe them out once for all. It is our moral obligation to strengthen her hands and loudly we say happy birthday to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We pray to the Almighty for her sound health and the best stamina and energy in the years to come.

After the Holey Artisan incident, Bangladesh was identified as the worst terror-prone nation, but Sheikh Hasina’s timely action has made the situation turn around for good. Her sagacious decision and active role in eliminating terrorism have almost wiped out the home-grown terrorists. And the development partners started returning instantly after normalcy returned. Work on mega projects started and continued in full swing. And it was possible only because of you. So, the nation needs you. Long live Sheikh Hasina and happy birthday to her!

After the brutal assassination of the Father of the Nation, you, as the most-competent daughter of Bangabandhu, emerged as a saviour. You have shown us the hope of being a prosperous nation. So, people want you to remain in good health to lead the nation in the years to come. Happy birthday to our beloved Sheikh Hasina!

After the August tragedy, the main party Awami League was infested with the devastating ‘Bhai-politics’ though the ‘Bhais’ were doing nothing but creating confusion among the innocent supporters and activists. These political hazards created extreme troubles for Sheikh Hasina. It took her a long time to fix the problem. Problems in intra-party feud, national and international conspiracy have also created a serious problem in the forward march of Sheikh Hasina. Now Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina consolidated everything. The total command has been established under her leadership. So, Sheikh Hasina is indispensable for the party and the nation. Long live Sheikh Hasina and happy birthday to her!

Source: The Bangladesh Post