HPM Sheikh Hasina issued 31-point directives to fight Coronavirus outbreak


Published on April 3, 2020
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the people to visit physicians if any symptom of coronavirus is seen and not to pay heed to any rumour about it as she issued a 31-point directive in view of the outbreak of the lethal disease.

Sheikh Hasina also warned that no corruption will be tolerated in the relief distribution and advised not to use personal protective equipment (PPE) wholesale by all the people.

“The prime minister has given the 31-point instruction in the wake of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the country,” PM’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim told BSS.

Following are the directives of the premier.

1) Coronavirus-related treatment measures will have to be taken, and awareness programmes on the issue will have to be implemented.

2) There is no need for concealment rather go to physicians if symptoms of coronavirus surfaces;

3) No need for using PPE generally by all, rather it needs to ensure PPE for all concerned with the treatment process and adopt cautionary measures to keep all treatment equipment including PPE and masks freed from virus and in case of their disposal as well.

4) Special priority will have to be given to all doctors, nurses, lab technicians, cleaners, ambulance drivers who are involved in the treatment of COVID-I9 disease.

5) Those who are in the home quarantine or isolation should be treated humanely.

6) To regularly follow the health code including washing hands, using masks and maintaining social distancing.

7) Naval ambulances should be provided in the riverbank districts.

8) Proper health checkups and medical care for other patients should be continued.

9) Ensure cleanliness, and all the city corporations, municipalities and upazila parishads across the country will have to strengthen their cleanliness activities.

10) Attention should be given to law and order, and all the government officials including that of the Health Services Division, the administration, the law enforcement agencies, the Armed Forces Division will have to continue their works maintaining proper coordination in this national disaster.

11) No corruption will be tolerated in the relief activities.

12) Assistance will have to be given to day-labourers, workers and peasants so that they don’t remain hungry, and a separate list of poor working people will have to be prepared.

13) Social safety activities will continue.

14) Proper attention will have to be paid so that economic activities don’t get stagnate.

15) Food production system will have to continue, and more varieties of crops will have to be produced. Whatever needs for food security will have to be done and no land should be kept uncultivated.

16) Supply system should be maintained.

17) General activities will continue and the prices of essentials will have to be kept under control.

18) All celebration programmes of the Bangla New Year should be suspended to avoid public gatherings. The celebration should be done through a digital system staying at home.

19) Local public representatives, political leaders, people of all stages of the society will have to work together. The administration will have to work engaging all the people.

20) Alongside the government, the affluent persons and institutions of the society will carry out their relief and healthcare activities maintaining coordination with the Deputy Commissioners and Upazila Nirbahi Officers.

21) The public representatives and upazila administration will distribute foods among the distressed people by preparing a ward-based list.

22) Special attention will have to be given the most disadvantaged people like agriculture workers, day labourers, rickshaw and van-puller, transport workers, beggars, street children, the women abandoned by husband, widows and ‘hijra’ community and providing relief to them will have to be ensured.

23) Necessary arrangements will have to be made for senior citizens and children.

24) All government employees and volunteer organisations will have to follow the standing orders (SOD) regard disasters.

25) Necessary arrangements will have to be made for monitoring on production, supply and regular marketing of the essential goods.

26) Don’t buy excessive products after being panicked as there is adequate stock of all necessary goods including food grains.

27) The farmers will continue cultivation regularly, and in this case, government incentives will go on.

28) All industry owners, businesspeople and individuals will keep their own industries, business establishments and houses clean.

29) The owners of industries will continue production through discussion with the workers and ensuring their health safety.

30) The media workers are playing a proper role in creating mass awareness and in this case, a sharp eye will have to be kept so that none can mislead the people by spreading various rumours and false information.

31) Spreading rumours will have to be stopped. Various rumours are being spread. Don’t pay heed to rumours and don’t worry about it.