Women Empowerment: A step towards development


Published on December 8, 2013
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Half of the population of Bangladesh are women. That means a major part of the active citizens of Bangladesh are women. Now the participation of women is clearly evident in every spheres of the society. These all happened because of the liberal and women-friendly policies implemented by the Awami League government. Bangladesh Awami League has taken different initiatives for ensuring safe-motherhood, higher education and employment for women, which are really praiseworthy.
At 1972, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman established “Women Rehabilitation Board” for the welfare of the women who suffered in the liberation war. Mainly from this initiative, development for women started officially in Bangladesh.

For preventing violence against women , current government passed a law named “Family Violence Prevention and Protection Act” in 2010. A “National Women policy” was adopted in 2011 for the empowerment of women. With the help of this policy, the “rights of women” were re-established.
For ensuring safe- motherhood, maternal leave has been extended to 6 months from 4 months. Under the “Maternity allowance project” , a total of 161 crore taka has been distributed among 3,70,400 mothers.

For ensuring food and livelihood, 33 lakh poor, widow and elderly women have been given monthly allowance. For the employment of the poor and vulnerable women, a loan of 15,000 tk has been given to them.

Nowadays women are playing important role in the higher level of administration. The speaker of the parliament is a woman now. Women are now in the higher ranks of armed forces, police, financial institutions etc. They are also an integral part of the UN Peacekeeping force. Quotas have been reserved for women in government jobs. Women seat in the parliament have been increased to 50.
The women of Bangladesh have much scope for empowerment than many other developed countries in the world. Bangladesh Awami League government has been trying heart and soul for ensuring the equal participation of women with men. In the battle of women liberation, Bangladesh has now passed many developed countries in the world; thanks to the government of Bangladesh Awami League.


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