World Condemns Violence by BNP Jamaat


Published on February 11, 2015
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Leaders around the world, heads of different foreign missions based in Dhaka and envoys of regional blocks came down heavily on violence by the 20 party combine, expressed deep shock over the loss of innocent lives and property, and urged the opposition to restrain from violence in the name of announcing peaceful movement. Moreover, an international conflict resolution organisation also called upon BNP to sever ties with Jamaat, a party of terrorists and militants, saying that “Violent Islamist factions are already reviving, threatening the secular, democratic order”. 

Since the current spate of blockades and strikes called by BNP-Jamaat started from 4th January 2014, till 10th February, 73 people have been killed. Of them: 49 have been killed in fire-bombing.

Foreign Diplomats call Terror of BNP -Jamaat “outrageous and cowardly”

The United Nations (UN) says that it is concerned over the ongoing violence in Bangladesh resulting from the BNP-sponsored blockade and general strikes.

“We are very much concerned about the violence and the loss of life that's occurred in Bangladesh since the beginning of this year”, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said on February 11.
Meanwhile, newly appointed ambassador of European Union (EU) to Bangladesh Pierre Mayaudon termed the ongoing violence and burning people in petrol bombs as barbaric and tragic acts. Such spate of violence will only stop the nation from marching forward.

Calling the use of violence for political purposes in a democratic country like Bangladesh as “outrageous and cowardly”, a spokesperson of the US Department of State, in a statement, said “such actions are unjustified in a democratic country”. “We condemn in the strongest terms the unconscionable attacks including bus burnings, throwing incendiary devices, and train derailments that have killed and wounded innocent victims”, reads the press statement issued from the office of Marie Harf on February 6. 

Holding BNP Jamaat men responsible for the recent spell of terror, Indian high-commissioner in Dhaka Pankaj Saran said, “Opposition men have resorted to barbaric and destructive activities including killing people on the pretext of performing non-violent movement.” “Such acts will fuel the already growing public anger further against them (BNP Jamaat men)… And, the government would contain the violence soon”. In Delhi, the ambassador came up with the view while attending a conference of heads of the country’s diplomatic missions around the world on February 9. 

Highly appreciating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's stance against terrorism, ambassadors and representatives of China, UN, Japan, Brazil, Australia, North Korea and South Korea also strongly condemned the atrocious activities. Democracy, according to them, cannot be strengthened through destructive activities, while they hoped violence would end making way for democracy to flourish in Bangladesh in the coming days. A January 19 meeting between the diplomats and the country’s Foreign Minister revealed that observation.

Regional block envoys tell BNP to shun violence

On the next day, several member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) had urged the government to ban the political organisations involved in terrorist activities in Bangladesh, pointing to the countrywide violence unleashed by Jamaat-e-Islami centering the verdicts of war crimes trial last year.

Moreover, diplomats of Saarc and Asean countries also echoed the same view.

"We have banned such terrorist organisations in our country because we're suffering. Yes, parties which are committing terrorist acts should be banned. We expect the same from Bangladesh," said Egyptian Ambassador Mahmoud Ezzat.

Expressing their unequivocal support for the people of Bangladesh in their progress towards development, the envoys also called for introducing a tougher law to protect the civilians and police members.

BNP should refrain from alliance with Jamaat: International Crisis Group

A report prepared by Brussels-based think-tank the International Crisis Group suggested that BNP should. . The report, released on February 9, said that the party also need to express willingness of meaningful negotiation with the ruling Awami League, leaving the path of street politics.

“Yet, its (BNP) sole demand -- for a fresh election under a neutral caretaker -- is too narrow to generate the public support it needs to overcome the disadvantage of being out of parliament, and its political capital is fading fast as it again resorts to violence,” says the Group


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