Only AL Secures People’s Rights: PM


Published on August 19, 2013
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Seeking vote to return to power once again, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, only Awami League ensures the protection of people’s rights. People had never been disappointed by entrusting their faith on the Awami League, she added.

“You voted for us in the 2008 election, and you were not deprived. If you vote us to power again, we will build a nation free from corruption, militancy and terrorism," she said while addressing a mass rally at Suharawardi Uddyan in the capital organized by Dhaka City unit of Awami League to mark the 38th anniversary of August 15, the day the Father of the Nation was killed.

“Those who burn the holy Quran, set fire to mosques, kill people and try to protect the war criminals, never want the welfare of the country. Awami League has established rule of law in the country,” she continued.

"Awami League is striding to build the country in the spirits of the War of Liberation. We want to rid the nation of poverty and hunger so that our children can grow up in a far better way,” she said at the Friday rally. Sheikh Hasina said, Dhaka city is taking up a modern and beautiful look as the current government had already implemented a number of communications and beautification projects.

Highlighting the government's various moves to ease Dhaka traffic, she said, Mayor Hanif Flyover would soon be opened to traffic soon and the Metro Rail project would soon roll out.