Evidence of BNP's anti-state lobbying in the US


Published on 6th February 2022 15:27

BNP's Lobbying in the US
A glimpse into anti-Bangladesh activities with hired lobby shops

Begum Zia wrote an article in the Washington Times in 2013 seeking US intervention on the following demands - 
— Cancelling trade privileges for Bangladeshi garment products in the US market
— Imposing sanction on Bangladesh government led by Awami League
— Aiding self-confessed war criminals in evading justice
— Justifying the pullout of World Bank funding for the Padma Bridge project presenting faulty pieces of evidence

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul's Anti-Bangladesh lobbying includes -

- Stopping the trial of war criminals
- Lobbying and publishing articles against Bangladesh’s GSP facilities on garments products
- Stopping different development facilities provided by the USA to Bangladesh
- Establishing Bangladesh as an undignified country on the global stage