10th day of April, 1971: The Proclamation Of Independence

THE PROCLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE Mujibnagar, Bangladesh Dated 10th day of April, 1971 Whereas free elections were held in Bangladesh from 7th December, 1970 to 17th January, 1971, to elect representatives for the purpose of framing a constitution, AND Whereas at these elections the people of Bangladesh elected 167 out of 169 representat...

Bangladesh Rapidly Overcoming Curse Of Poverty

According to the latest data released by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in the last decade or so, in particular in the last five years, in reducing poverty and extreme poverty.

5 Years Of Remarkable Achievement In Reducing Poverty

  ‘Only Awami League can build a hunger and poverty free nation to fulfil the dream of the Father of the Nation’-Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, on the occasion of 65th Anniversary of Bangladesh Awami League.