BNP-Jamaat’s Deadly Brand of “Terror Politics” in Bangladesh

The Canadian Federal Court in Ottawa, Ontario in Gazi v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration) (2017 FC 94) held that BNP is indeed a terrorist organization. The court took into account that BNP is a party that uses armed struggle or violence to reach political objectives, uses ‘ammunitions and arms’ like hand bombs, pistols, and big swords like ...

2001 and 2006 Five years of Bangladesh's going backward: Sajeeb Wazed Joy

Taunting BNP leader Khaleda Zia's speech that termed the 2001-2006 tenure as 'awe-inspiring', the visual report mentioned that the tenure was 'awe-inspiring' indeed, as incidents such as "murder, repression, grabbing, politicization, incessant rise in price of essentials, unchecked plundering, corruption, money-laundering, extremism, and grenade...

BNP Jamaat's Violence in the name of Politics

In the Name of Politics BNP-Jamaat Alliance is Burning People Alive. To Know Detail Please Visit:

The Necessity of the 5 January Elections

This article looks at the necessity of the 5 January elections, and how Awami League tried its best to accommodate BNP and its allies to participate, failing which there was no other option but to go ahead with the elections according to the constitutional obligation.