People believe Bangladesh will move forward if Awami League is in power: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on September 15, 2018
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her optimism that people of Bangladesh would once again elect Awami League in the forthcoming polls to keep up the ongoing development spree across the country.

“Awami League enjoys massive popularity as the people still believe that the country would go ahead with Awami League remaining in power. Surveys of a number of international organizations have also predicted it,” she said.

The prime minister was speaking at the first meeting of the National Election Conducting Committee of Bangladesh Awami League at Gonobhaban on Saturday evening.

Terming honesty as one the main strengths of Awami League, the prime minister said “a vested quarter is hatching conspiracy and seeking intervention of undemocratic forces to dislodge Awami League from power.”

“But no one can yield any benefit from such hope as no one from ‘Uttar Para’ will come to install them to power,” Sheikh Hasina, also Awami League president and chairperson of the election conducting committee, said.

Welcoming the initiative of some political parties of forging the anti- Awami League platform, the prime minister said the government would allow them to hold meetings anywhere in the city.

“The government is not gagging freedom of speech. So, if necessary a permanent ‘moncha’ would be erected at Suharawardi Uddyan to allow speaking everyday against the government,” she said.

“But action would be taken against those who would spread falsehood and try to push the country toward anarchy,” she warned.

Co-chairman of the committee HT Imam, member-secretary and Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader, presidium members, central committee leaders and representatives of different associated bodies of the party were present.

Sheikh Hasina said the people of Bangladesh re-elected Awami League to power in 2014 overcoming all barriers created by BNP and anti-liberation forces.

“Country’s development is visible now as Awami League came to power in 2014. People understood that the country can prosper when Awami League remains in power,” she said adding that today the people are living in peace with sound economic standing.

She said Awami League was defeated in 2001 through conspiracy and despite their win BNP and anti-liberation force Jamaat-e-Islami unleased a reign of terror in the 1971 fashion.

“They made the country champions in corruption for five consecutive terms and turn the country into an abode of murder, terrorism, militancy and corruption,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said some civil society members are shedding tears for those who are responsible for making the country a land of grenade and bomb attacks.

They are blind and their doors of openness are closed,” she said adding they don’t see any progress of the country during the tenure of the Awami League government.

“We don’t want Bangladesh to go back to the past situation again,” the prime minister said urging the party leaders and workers to work with devotion to woo the people to cast their votes for Awami League in the coming general election.

Criticizing BNP for appointing lobbyist in the USA to conduct campaign against the government, the prime minister said they are actually engaged in damaging the country’s image.

Sheikh Hasina castigated BNP for spreading false information on inviting the BNP delegation by UN Secretary General, saying he (secretary general) was in Ghana at that time to attend the funeral of Kofi Annan.

“So what is the benefit of BNP in lying to misguide the people,” she questioned.