Bangladesh would plunge into abyss if anti-liberation force comes to power: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on June 11, 2018
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said Bangladesh will plunge into an ‘abyss’ if the supporters of anti-liberation war criminals return to power.

HPM spoke at an event organised by the Awami League’s Canada chapter in Toronto on Sunday after attending a G-7 session in Quebec.

Prime minister highlighted the importance of Awami League staying in power for the development of the country.

“There is no development if the government does not have continuity. The country will fall into the abyss if the supporters of the anti-liberation war criminals come back to power.”

Giving a list of developments of Bangladesh's socio-economic development during the Awami League, she said, “The country is moving ahead. Bangladesh has been invited to attend the G-7 outreach session because of the development of the country.”

Putting emphasis on the Awami League’s return to power, SHeikh Hasina said, “Today, the democratic process in Bangladesh has started. The development is being made in all areas. Development efforts must be maintained. "

She told the Bangladeshi expatriates: “We have established a democracy through a lot of setbacks. We have established a fair election process after struggles.”

Reminding them of the 11th parliamentary elections at the end of this year, she said, “Everyone needs to be cautious so that a free, fair and impartial election is held.”

Recalling elections at the local government level, including city corporation polls since 2009 under the Awami League-led government, she said, “Their [BNP] candidates have won different elections. We did not restrict people’s voting right.”

“The government has no hand in Khaleda Zia’s imprisonment. It is the matter of the court,” she told the expatriates.