Bangabandhu-2 to be launched before expiry of Bangabandhu-1: HPM Sheikh Hasina


Published on June 6, 2018
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said Bangladesh would launch its second satellite in the space much ahead of the expiry of the Bangabandhu-1.

“We are taking preparations from now to launch ‘Bangabandhu-2’ so that our second satellite become operation before 15-year expiry time of the ‘Bangabandhu-1’, first geostationary satellite of Bangladesh launched to the orbit on May 11, 2018.

The prime minister said this in reply to a question from female member in reserve seat Fazilatun Nesa Bappi during Prime Minister’s question-answer session in the parliament on Wednesday.

“The government would certainly continue research in space technology and make best efforts to cope with any new technology in future,” she said.

Laying importance on space technology the Prime Minister said such research is very crucial for development of science and technology, disaster management as well as agriculture.

Replying to a question from Jatiya Party member Fakhrul Imam the Prime Minister said the location of the satellite at the 119.1° East longitude geostationary slot would not hamper getting clear footage.

“None should be worried about it”, she said adding every part of the country which is now out of internet services would come under the satellite network.

She said the slot of the satellite has been hired from Sputnik of Russia. All SAARC countries and Indonesia, Philippines, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Kazakistan would be able to use the satellite as its location covers the space of these countries, she said.

Bangabandhu-1 has already been settled in its orbit and started giving signal. It will take more few times to receive clear footage through the satellite, the prime minister said.