Bangladesh and Sweden have pledged to work together to combat terrorism and identified new areas of cooperation like energy security, technological innovation, trade and development of smart cities between the two countries.


Dhaka and Stockholm has agreed to work together for transition of the relation to a broader level in the areas of economic cooperation and encourage more bilateral Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).


According to a news published in the Voice of America (, Bangladesh has begun training thousands of school girls to protect them from being blackmailed or harassed online.


Over the years, Bangladesh has achieved laudable successes in the use of clean and renewable energy sources.


A new report shows that Bangladesh is a world leader in the use of solar panels, "clean stoves" and biogas plants.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said people have no confidence in BNP as it's an organization of plunderers. The party captured the power through killing, coup and conspiracy and did nothing for changing the lots of the people.


The 9th anniversary of release of Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from prison is being observed today.


A majority of Bangladeshis are satisfied with the situation in their lives and are optimistic about the country’s progress, according to a recent opinion poll commissioned by The Independent and carried out by Research Development Centre (RDC) in the first quarter of 2017.