Mujibnagar Government: First Milestone of 'Bangladesh'


April 17, Mujibnagar Day. On this day in 1971, the Mujibnagar government was formed by the elected leaders of Bangladesh as the rightful constitutional, logical, and realistic step forward towards the full realization of our dream of an independent country of our own.

Fairy Tales of Buying and Selling of Bangladesh


Saleque Sufi: A certain section of political leadership whose politics always thrive on anti-Indian sentiment are very active now in print, electronic and social media stating that Bangladesh has been sold cheaply to India by PM Hasina in her visit to India.

Crimson Dawn of Freedom: The Journey of a Red and Green Flag Begins


“This may be my last message. From today Bangladesh is independent. I call upon the people of Bangladesh, wherever they might be and with whatever you have, to resist the army of occupation to the last. Your fight must go on until the last soldier of the Pakistan occupation army is expelled from Bangladesh. Final victory is ours.”

PM's Visit To India: Taking Indo-Bangla Energy Sector Ties To New Heights


Saleque Sufi: It is anticipated that our PM's visit to India will result in some very important agreements, MOUs and protocols between the two SAARC neighbours. India is Bangladesh's next door neighbour encircling it from the entire west and north and about 80 percent of the east.

March 25th: Darkest night in the history of Bangladesh


After the midnight of 25th March, Pakistani soldiers attacked suddenly on the sleeping people of the then East-Pakistan.