The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved the amendment to the ASHRAYAN-2 project with an additional expenditure of Taka 3,671 crore for constructing houses of 1.70 lakh families and rehabilitation of 40,000 landless families.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the owners and workers of the industries to always keep in their mind the spirit of the immortal May Day and work together for country's industrialization for the development of the country.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina warned against hoarding and increase of the price of food grains in plea of flood in the northeastern haor areas saying tough action would be taken against such malpractice.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged the judges and lawyers to be more humanitarian and serve the litigants with extra care to reduce their sufferings in the court of justice.


Expressing firm optimism that bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Bangladesh would continue to grow, former British Prime Minister David Cameron today said there would be no change in this relationship due to Brexit.


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged all concerned to promote Chittagong port's goodwill with their sincere efforts saying the facility could bring fortune for Bangladesh because of its strategic location for trade connectivity.


Moheshkhali, one of the remotest islands of the country, started its journey as a "Digital Island" as a project in this regard was launched today.


Urging the RAB members to obey the rules of the law, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said they should efficiently discharge duties with utmost responsibility, professionalism, patriotism and honesty keeping in mind that they are members of a disciplinary force.