Rampal Power Plant will not hurt Sundarban: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterated that the Rampal coal-based power plant would not cause any harm to the ecology of the Sundarbans and its surrounding areas. Referring to the present status of a same 500-MW power plant in Boropukuria, Dinajpur, the Prime Minister said, her government during its last stint constructed the first coal-based power plant at Boropukuria.

"The whole power plant project area is surrounded by water bodies and greeneries, paddy fields and there was no effect of the power plant on the ecology," she said. To dispel confusion from the public minds those pictures would be made available on the website of the power ministry, she said

There are same plants in Denmark and USA where there was detrimental effect of the power plant on nature. In India, a total of 1,86,000-MW power is produced from coal-based power plants, she said adding, "It's not merely a word... photos speak,. Sheikh Hasina urged the crusaders against the Rampal Power Plant to pick those pictures from the websites and see whether these plants would be harmful for Bangladesh. She said the Rampal Power Plant is being constructed on a reclaimed land. Deep forests are available within eight-kilometer of the project site, which is the sanctuary of many wild species including the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sheikh Hasina said her government has so far not taken any project damaging for environment. "In future we will not take any such project, she said. The Prime Minister said her government has a plan to construct 11 coal-based power plant in the country with a capacity to produce about 6000-MW electricity. She urged the persons against the power plant to refrain from misguiding people any more.



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