Democracy Resumed

Democracy resumed 1

After nearly 15 years of non-stop belligerent Sheikh Hasina was finally able to bring the reign of democracy in the country. Her amplified advocacy towards democracy practice in the country was the key of the banishment of military regime. Following the success in February 27, 1990 5th National Election took place. The wrath of anti-liberation forces over Awami League annealed the election result and Bangladesh National Party (BNP) won the election with a mere fraction. Awami League along with other opposition parties boycotted the parliament accusing BNP for tempering election result. But BNP continued its activities by force and formed a government. Such step sparked volatile demonstration by Awami League and opposition parties leading the country into a political turmoil demanding re-election. Khaleda Zia, Leader of Bangladesh National Party acceded to the demands and relinquished her power to an independent nonparty group for re-election before finishing her term.

In June 1996 the 6th National Election took place where people of Bangladesh gave a verdict in favor of Awami league. Under the Awami government regime economy of the country grew steadily. Many national concerns like women empowerment, rehabilitation of the landless people, building Bangabandhu Bridge; the lifeline of the Northwest side of the country etc. were achieved. The most significant achievement for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her party was to be able to put an end on the Hill Tract conflict of the Southwest part of the country by signing a treaty with the minor rebels. Apart from this international recognition of the Language day (21st February) had been another significant achievement by the Awami government.

But the suppression of political disarray by the opposition party BNP remained. They took shed under malpractice of democracy and organized violent strikes and rallies. They also boycotted all parliamentary proceedings that severely affected the government to function for the betterment of the general people. To bring the major opposition party back into the parliament, for the first time in the history of Bangladesh, a 4 points of Memorandum of Understanding were signed. But opposition party failed to provision the truce and kept their violent activities unceasing. But despite of such adversity, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was the first prime minister since independence to complete a full five-year term in the government.

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