Bangladesh Awami League to stay beside people: Sheikh Hasina


Prime Minster and Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina has greeted the countrymen and paid homage to the party's founders on the occasion of its 68th founding anniversary saying that AL would always stay beside the people as before.

Bangladesh Awami League’s anniversary: 68 years with the land and people


Forty six years ago, the nation had the dream for freedom. Then Awami League was the party to lead the road to freedom. Now, the nation has another dream — seeing Bangladesh as a developed country by 2041. Once more Awami League is leading the country towards the goal. We are working to make life better for every citizen.

Anatomy of BNP Vision 2030


BNP Chairperson Former Prime Minister of Bangladesh and widow of former President General Ziaur Rahman has announced 37 points vision 2030 of her party in a recent press meet in Dhaka. This write will make an attempt to review, analyze and comment on the salient aspects of the vision. Before going into sector wise discussion it may be useful to briefly remind the readers about the origin, background of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), its emergence, composition, past proven track record as the ruling party for a considerable duration of about two decades of Bangladesh.

Six-Point Demands: Roadmap For Bangladesh’s Emancipation


On 7th June in 1966, the people of the then-East Pakistan observed a general strike in the province in support of the Awami League's Six-Point demands of autonomy announced a few months earlier by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Sheikh Hasina: Daughter of Democracy and Herald of Change

She gave the nation a new vision – Vision 2021, transforming Bangladesh into a middle income country. She gave Bangladeshis the dream of Digital Bangladesh- an IT based country. Four decades into independence, she has brought solace for 3 million martyrs and their families by initiating the much awaited war crimes trial.